Who the heck is Wasabi?!

Well, I am Wasabi! Now you are wondering why the heck am I called Wasabi? Well unlike my boyfriend I love spicy food… that you can still taste of course. Don’t stick 50 pound of jalapenos on my food and expect me to eat. I like spicy… not what the hell happened to my taste buds?!

Anyways… I’m getting off topic. My boyfriend has absolutely no tolerance for spicy food. I found this out after I made him my favorite type of ramen…


He had no clue it was spicy until after he took a few bites and learned the hard way. Oops. Then he introduced to me a food I was very leery about. Sushi. I might add that I was raised in a family that thought that sushi was absolutely disgusting. So he took me out to a real sushi restaurant, before I had only eaten disgusting, yucky sushi from grocery stores, and it tasted weird at first but after I was nudged into eating about 5 rolls or so… I actually started to like it. Then, after learning a bit more about the different types, I fell in love with sushi and wasabi. My boyfriend connected the green paste with my notorious temper and thus I was called WASABI!

At first I would always get irritated when he would come home and shout, “WHAZZUP WASABI???” but after awhile I started to like it and it has even become a pet name for me.


So tonight after pondering about it over some sushi, of course, I have decided to create WHAZZUPWASABI!

I’ll also add this to the “About Wasabi” Page later on.


3 thoughts on “Who the heck is Wasabi?!

  1. Angie K says:

    Good to meet you wasabi! I found your blog through Blogging 201 and will follow you now. Feel warmly invited to visit my blog too, and maybe follow it back if you find it interesting enough. πŸ™‚


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