Reasons to Look Forward To the Holidays

It’s holiday season and it’s the only time a year that we can enjoy certain pleasures when it’s this cold. Like when your car won’t start, doors don’t open because they are either frozen close or worse their frozen open! (funny story for another blog post. promise.)

But seriously we are trying to be positive here and with that note I continue to my ten reasons to look forward to the holiday season.

starbucksredcup1. Starbuck’s red cups are back! Not only does it just happen to be my favorite color but they also seem to just warm up my day when it just so happens to be gloomy and dreary outside. My winter favorites are the simple white chocolate mocha and the salted caramel mocha.


What’s your favorite coffee combo? Your favorite place to have coffee?


2. Sweater Weather! The time of comfy clothes is upon us! We must raid our closet in search of our old but treasured winter favorites. Then pray they still fit us as we go to try them on again. If not, we can look forward to shopping! Or at least wish for more fabric-happiness on our gift list this year.

sweater weather

3. Sweat Pants Become Perfectly Acceptable to Wear in Public. Need I say more?

sweat pants

4. Hot Chocolate. Mint. Caramel. Double. Fudge. Peppermint. Eggnog. Dark. Milk. Creamy.


5. People Who Go Nuts With Christmas Lights! Seriously who doesn’t like to take a ride threw out the neighborhood just looking in amazement as holiday music plays softly in the background.

bokeh christmas lights


6. The Snow. Yea, yea, yea. We don’t need to hear your annoying preaching about how horrible it is to drive in. I’m talking about seeing it, feeling it, and leaving your foot prints in this white wonder. From watching it fall to sledding in it. It’s amazing and only comes a certain time of year.


snow day

7. Christmas Shopping! Dreams of clothes, electronics (specially that new phone that just came out), new furniture, gift cards to your favorite places, maybe a new car… You get the idea.



8. Seeing Your Breath. I remember this used to be one of the coolest everyday things about winter. I remember I used to annoy my mother with it but every once in a while the neighbors can catch me making weird faces outside to see if I can see my breath. Poor neighbors. Cloud Breathing Dragons for the Win!


9. Baking Cookies. I don’t understand why exact but baking cookies just seems more special in the winter. Especially the gooey ones loaded with fillings.


10. Being with the People Who You Love The Most. Even if it’s just threw a Skype call. Whether it’s a cherished family member or someone particularly special to you, the holidays are a great time to come together, and well just enjoy being together.


I’ll end it here for now. I wish you happy holidays and for those who don’t celebrate holidays for whatever reason I hope you have a safe and fun winter. Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the snow!



2 thoughts on “Reasons to Look Forward To the Holidays

    • whazzupwasabi says:

      I envy your ability to do so. The only jeans I own are skinny. It’s hard to find a pair of jeans that you can do that with for ladies. I could just buy a pair of guy jeans but that might be worse. Thank you for commenting! You make some good points on your site btw.

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