21 Fun, Cheap, Winter Date Night Ideas

Taking your loved one on a date this winter or near the holidays? Here’s some fun and cheap winter date ideas to try.


1. Christmas Light Tour. Drive or walk around a neighborhood, town center, or mall and admire the soft, glowing lights. Bonus points if you bring earphones to listen to music together.


2. Secret Santa Double Date. If you are one of those couples that loves double dates then why not add a twist to it and buy each other funny, little gifts. Great for a conversation starter.


3. Stay in the Warmth and bake desserts or cook a lavish dinner. Sometimes it’s just too cold to go out so why not bake some cookies and possibly steal some cookie dough.

ugly gamer sweater

4. Favorite Game Night. Maybe you both have an all time favorite game that you haven’t played in awhile? Some of my favorites are Halo, Diablo III, and Borderlands 2.


5. Netflix Night! Pick out a movie and grab some cheap popcorn before snuggling up on the couch. Oh, and here’s 50 flavored popcorn recipes.


6. Personalized Gifts. Put together a photo album at Walgreens or CVS, and spend the night talking about the good memories and remembering all the crazy things together.


7. Fandom Marathon. Are you both fans of a certain show or movie? Spend the night staying up late and freaking out over your favorites.


8. Go Ice Skating. If it’s your first time on the ice, you can use it as an excuse to cling onto your date.


9. Grab some hot chocolate and watch the snowfall together. Bonus points if you have cozy blankets.


10. Go on a photo walk or do portraits with christmas tree lights! You don’t need to be huge into photography to come up with some really cool stuff with christmas tree lights and doesn’t it just look fun?



11. Make a couple video. Record your day together and capture the cute, little moments that you will want to remember forever.


12. Go to the public library and find your favorite books! Check them out and read them out loud to each other… or it you lack the ability to read aloud find a cozy cafe and read silently with a warm cup of coffee in hand.


13. Volunteer together. Could be something as simple as volunteering time at the food bank or donating some unwanted things. You both will feel good afterwards.


14. Buy cool toys at the dollar store and donate them to little children. Seriously. They have hot wheels. Who doesn’t like hot wheels?


15. Write each other letters. Write a letter for each of you to read now, when you feel sad or down, or whenever. Talk about the time both of you first met and now.


16. Build a blanket fort. Perfect place to go threw that photo album, favorite book, or just have some relaxing time together.


17. Go on a run together. Maybe you are both busy, energetic people or maybe you both are looking for cool, inspirating ways to better health?


18. Go to a bakery. Share your favorite funny stories and treats at a local bakery. Explore the local options and see what you discover.


19. Go thrift shopping. This may seem strange but going to a thrift shop can have it’s comical moments. Maybe you can find a cute table to fix up together?


20. Make your own hot chocolate recipe together! You can mix different candies together and even stir your hot chocolate with a peppermint stick to make it taste minty.


21. Kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve! One of the most famous times of the year to kiss someone. Many couples can only dream of kissing on New Years. Why not try this year?

I hope you guys enjoyed and found these ideas helpful. I wish all of you a very happy holidays and good luck on your dates! 


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