New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Something huge that you may be thinking about around this time of year is your New Year’s Resolution. Typically a new year’s resolution is a commitment made at the beginning of each year to better yourself in one way or another. It was even used before the medieval knights and the Romans.

I have looked around and found some of the more common resolutions. So here are a couple of things to consider for your New Year’s Resolution…

nye fruits

  • Be More Healthy. This includes exercising regularly and trying to keep a healthy diet.


  • Lose or Gain Weight. This is common in people who have had to recover from something or wish to fit their clothes better.


  • Travel a Bit More or To Visit a Certain Location. I have always wanted to visit New York City or Paris.


  • Be More Environmentally Friendly. Maybe you could start recycling or become more aware of the products that you use.


  • Take Up a Good Cause. Help support someone out there who really needs your help.


  • Improve a Skill or Grades. Maybe there is something you wish you could do better?


  • Think More Positively. It’s hard enough as it is no matter how well you think you have it.


  • Give Yourself a Whole New Makeover. Make yourself feel like a whole new person.


  • Get Rid of a Bad Habit. Maybe it’s clicking your teeth, biting your nails, or poor manners.
  • Improve Your Brain Health. Yea, check it out.Β It’s actually really cool.


  • Improve Your Career, Finances, or Education. Bored at work? Considering going back to school? Impulsive Shopper?


  • Find Something New or Discover a Culture. Maybe be a new passion or place that inspires you.


  • Be More Spiritual. Connect with your religion. It was used to explain all the stars in the sky.

Still unsure or curious about New Year’s Resolutions? Look around on Google there are tons of stuff.

Oh and a good friend of mine has a new post out! Check out Nicole’s Stuff Here!


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