Robert Downey Jr. Presents Robotic Arm to One Lucky Kid!

Have you ever heard about someone saying that their faith in humanity is restored? It might be because of people who voluntarily show up in character of their famous marvel character to present a new bionic arm to a kid who has had to live without one. And might I add for free? Or it might be because of new inspiring innovators that are striving to help those less fortunate, like kids who were born with only partially developed arms?

I can say that it restores my faith in humanity to see people care enough to make such an impact on other peoples lives. Getting by is hard enough, but to see someone step up and give a helping hand is inspiring. Whether it’s something small like smiling and saying hello, or showing up in the character of Iron Man to present a look-a-like bionic arm.

This particular moment was made possible by the Collective Project, a student named Albert Manero, who founded the Limbitless Arm, and Robert Downey Jr. the famous actor behind Marvel’s Iron Man.

So there is my faith in humanity restored moment of the day! Ā Thank you for reading, and please comment down below and tell me what you think! What restores your faith in humanity?


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