Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration!

Hello everyone! I am back with some outfit ideas for the upcoming rain season that comes along with spring! Usually when I ask people about what they wear in the rain, they look at me like I’m some kind of stupid, and say, “rain jacket and rain boots?” In which I give them a snide comment about them wearing nothing but a rain jacket and rain boots, because a lot of people think that because it’s raining they can’t be happy with what they are wearing.
Well I am writing this post to give you some ideas and tips for dressing for rainy weather because I want you to be happy with what you are wearing even if it’s in the rain.
Different Kinds of Rain Boots
For starters don’t just go purchase an ugly pair of rain boots out of convenience! Go find a really cute pair and flaunt them! Rain boots maybe awkward and bulky, but if you pair them with the right choices you can make a super cute outfit. Also, if you can’t find a really cute pair of rain boots where you are, check up on Pinterest. They have hundreds of cute DIY tutorials to make just about any pair of rain boots look cute! Find one that you like and go for it!
Rainy Day Inspiration
As for rain jackets, I would say the same thing and invest in something you like. Rainy days can really be a downer but a rain jacket that you love could help make your day that much better. When you reach to get something you see your favorite rain jacket, when you pull your hood up you see the edges of the hood.. of your favorite rain jacket… see where I’m going here? It’s hard to ignore a rain jacket, especially one you love. 
And if the thought of wearing a classic rain jacket is too much of a horror story for you there are other options too. Like leather jackets, trench coats, and ponchos! If it doesn’t come with a hood, there’s always the cute umbrella option! Try to find one that is retractable and can fit in it’s own little bag so you don’t feel bad about bringing it inside or putting it in your purse.
Rainy Day And A Leather Jacket
My last tip of advise is to bring a water-resistant purse. That Vera Bradley purse is only going to be a good idea dry. I usually opt for a leather purse for their ability to repel water. Dark, mysterious, and functional. Of  course you could invest your money in a plastic transparent bag too. They look amazing in the rain but my issue with them is that everyone can see what you are carrying.
I hope this was helpful in making your not-so-sunny day a brighter one! Feel free to comment down below and tell me whatcha think! What do you love to wear in the rain?

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration!

  1. asalwaysnicole says:

    What’s surprising is, I still learned something even though I’m used to dealing with the rain. You’d think I know all these tips since I live in the state that receives the most rain. Great post overall and very good tips. Those are really cute rainboots!

    Liked by 1 person

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