Coffee. Tea. Talk.

Hello everyone! I made a couple of changes to the blog and wanted to get some feedback. I also want to find out what posts you loved and what would you like to see more of.

Some of you know that I went through a huge change and renovated my site. I did this so I could expand the content but still keep it nice and tidy. What I want to know is if you find it easy to use? Do you run into any problems using the drop down menus or anything like that? Secondly do you feel more inclined to go to my site vs just using WP Reader to look at new posts?

I have also changed the way I publish posts. Instead of trying to post everyday, I am scheduling posts for certain days so that I can pack the most into my posts and increase the quality. Do you like the new way of posting? Picture quality? Shorter or longer posts? All of that stuff. I want to know. Be honest with me.

Finally I want to talk about content. What do you like to see? Lately I have been posting a lot of fashion related posts but I also like to write about books, animes, games, makeup, etc. Subscription boxes have been on mind and I have finally managed to grow out my nails so I’ve been thinking about some nail tutorials. I also have some thrift pieces that I thinking about sharing. What do you think? What’s something that you would love for me to write about next?

Like I said before I want to know what you think. Be honest with me. Sharpen those knives and aim where it hurts! Nothing good has ever come without a fight. So feel free to say whatever you think down below!

p.s. the youth berry tea from Starbucks is amazing and soo soothing.


 Thank you for reading!


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