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Finally I have a chance to sit down, relax, and babble about more things that I am loving. Some of you may know, if you saw my haul post, that I was on the hunt to buy a gray nail polish that had a nice balance of color for a few months before buying Power Clutch, and that A Cut Above was an impulsive buy that went perfectly with Power Clutch. It creates a great, light accent without overpowering the gray color. I also feel like the rose-colored glitter makes it perfectly spring appropriate.

Power ClutchΒ – Used as Base Color


  • Nicely balanced so it looks gray on your nails and not blue or brown.
  • Doesn’t washout my skin tone.
  • Color applies nicely.


  • Tacky layer takes forever to go away butI also find this to be an minor issue with all of Essie’s Products.

A Cut Above – Clear coat with glitter; used as an accent.


  • Good balance between clear coat and glitter. I find only need to apply one coat for desired amount of glitter but is definitely buildable if you want a lot of glitter.


  • Same as Power Clutch with the tacky layer.



Overall I love the two colors both together and separate. Worth the waiting for them to dry. If I run out I would definitely consider rebuying and would recommend it to a friend. Makes me smile to wear it. I hope this post made you smile and…



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