Plant Pot Chronicles #1

My plants have finally sprouted! So I figured today woud be the perfect day to write this post. I’m also sick and bored out of my mind but let’s ignore that.


It started like this… 


and finally turned into this! Nice lush greeen sprouts. I wanted to add some life and subtle color to the room and window so I bought these. They come in a complete set at Target and cost only $3 each. The colors compliment each other and the room decor nicely.



Altogether I bought plant kits for basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lavender. So far only the oregano and the thyme plant have sprouted but I think the basil plant is about to sprout too.

I’m really excited and hoping for all of them to sprout. They will smell so nice, help filter the air in the room, and add some much needed color.

I’ll update you when the next one sprouts and I really hope you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for REading!


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