The Harms of Buying Skincare with Microbeads

I’ve owned, tried, and used products with micro-beads in them but I never thought of it as being harmful. To be completely honest I had no idea they were plastics and that they weren’t recyclable. I have only thought of it as something to help exfoliate but after watching this is completely makes sense.

This is just another form of dumping plastics into our oceans and continuing to pollute our oceans.

The point of me sharing this is not to promote Lush, but to point out a huge problem that not everyone is aware of.  I hoping that if anyone of you are using anything with micro-beads in it that this post will help you to reconsider and choose an option that doesn’t have micro-beads in it.

If you are still curious, I encourage you to look it up, and I’ll even leave some links to get you started.

The Greatist – Your Favorite Body Wash Might Be a Serious Danger to the Environment and Your Health

BeatTheMicrobead – The Science

EcoWatch – 4 States Working to Ban Microbeads

Thank you for helping!



5 thoughts on “The Harms of Buying Skincare with Microbeads

  1. Love, Beth says:

    Wow, that really makes you think twice about the products you use! Thank you for sharing. Doubt I’ll be reaching for anything that has microbeads in it from now on!

    Liked by 1 person

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