Community Announcements and Changes!

Alrighty! I have attempted to write this about 4 times now and have grown very cranky over the past two days because of it. Now I have to figure out how to use wordpress’s thingy all over again.

So with that being said I am going to list a few changes I am make or am planning to make to the community. I would love for you guys to answer the poll under each one and/or comment down below about what you think!

One of the bigger changes that I am opening up is a Patreon. I’ve been asked to make one ever seen I’ve started streaming but I’ve only started seriously considering it for the past several months. There are several reasons like not everyone trusts (or has even heard of) Gamewisp, some people would rather do Patreon than actually sub via Twitch because they get more than a sub button, and some people are just die-hard Patreon fans. So I figured what not give it a try? Here is the link to check it out! Give me your opinion!

Also I should note that a common thing for Patreons to add a $1 tier which I feel conflicted about. I used to have one for Gamewisp but the fees were too high to keep the $2 gamewisp tier. My take on the $1 tier is that if you can really only donate $1 you are probably not in the fincial situation to donate and that seems to prove itself all over twitch. I only want you guys subbing/donating if you guys are healthy, happy, and have a little extra. Not struggling to give me $1. BUT the counter to this arguement is some people only want to give me $1 and they deserve to be recognized? The only way they would be recognized is with the number of how many people are giving $1. So should I lose the $1 reward/tier on Patreon?



Another change I am thinking about is changing up the stream currency! I’m thinking about changing Wasabians to Wasabi Tubes and Polar Bears to Sushi! So that way you guys can give me tubes of wasabi to redeem rewards and instead of killing off your bears in polar bear wars, you can raid a sushi restaurant for more sushi! You give me sushi and I give you a song request. It all makes sense to me and it can lead to sushi emotes in the future! Possibly… No one really like the name Wasabians anyways and it was made on the fly.



Some of you guys have been asking for a Community website. A place where you guys can have everything related to our community in one place including announcements from not just me but also the community! I would need to know what you guys would like out of community website like a forum section and what not. I originially wanted Discord to be our community hub but they are taking forever to upgrade to more community friendly features but if we create a website and I decided to go through with my want to create a stream team, we would already have an awesome site to back up and support the team.



Updates and Other Announcements!

New Stream Schedule! I am switch to a bi-weekly streaming schedules vs a weekly schedule. This means my schedule restarts every two weeks vs one week. Here’s the schedule starting in October. In the first week I will be streaming Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. In the second week I will be streaming Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then the schedule restarts again! If you are confused I will be posting it on both twitter, my channel posts, and in discord!

Monday Nights will either be Fallout Nights w/ Zen + Wasabi or Anime Night for Subs and Patreons. Zen has been wanted to do this for awhile now for me to actually announce it so I’d figured we give it a try. If you guys have any questions for him or both of us, we will be there!

Speaking of Zen, I might as well give you a family update while I am at it. Zen is alright and going back to work finally (that means I can get back to streaming lol) but he has his moments where his body says F U and tries to kill him. This has cause my mental and emotionally sanity to mirror something like a bouncy ball in the hands of a four year old. Thankfully there is a supposed to be a point where this HOLY SHIT IF WE HADN’T OF CAUGHT THIS, YOU’D BE IN THE ICU is normal…ized? Yup, I don’t know either but Tink is ok! I think we need to get another cat eventually. Give Tink someone to harass her and give her someone to bully. I’m hoping for another furbaby this christmas. *crosses fingers*

So yea. I’ve stopped going to the doctor for the time being and things should go back to normal soon. I’m sorry it’s taken this long and thank you guys for being so patient. You guys know who you are and I am very grateful.

Thank you!


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