Plant Pot Chronicles #2

My basil plant has finally sprouted!


It has quickly out-grown my  thyme and oregano plant too surprisingly! They are growing really fast. Oh and the flowers outside my window have finally bloomed! So you can expect to see some pretty flowers the next time I post a plant update!


Sadly I don’t think my rosemary and lavender plants will sprout. The dirt around them hasn’t lifted or broken up at all. Being patience can be soo hard. Maybe they just take forever like the rose plant I once had. It took about 3 weeks to actually sprout.


I hope you smiled reading my post! It’s something small but sometimes the small things in life are overlooked too often.

Thank you for reading!


Coffee. Tea. Talk. I’m Winning The Battle!

So some of you may know that I have been sick for a decent week but I can confirm that I have taken my first steps outside since… what had felt like FOREVER.

Just ignore the fact that I am in desperate need of a pedicure.

Just ignore the fact that I am in desperate need of a pedicure.

Some of the really cool highlights of this spring would be going to see the cherry blossoms for the first time and finally being able to go furniture shopping at IKEA. We have been waiting months to go but sadly none of the pictures really turned out from the IKEA trip. But…


The cherry blossoms were absolutely gorgeous!  We arrived kinda late but I managed to get some awesome photos nevertheless.


I also had my hair recolored. So expect me to blab about that in another post hopefully to come soon.

As for the cat, I have introduced two new things to her. First of which was the cat app…

Tink and The Cat App


I wasn’t actually expecting her to react to app honestly so when she stood there and stared at the screen like What The Hell Is That? I was giggling at every twitch of her head. She just stared at it very tensely for about five minutes before laying down and watching it like we watch normal tv. So props to the cat app for catching my cats attention. She didn’t touch the screen or anything but she was definitely intrigued.

Secondly, we introduced her to something called Pet Head.



She was not amused… but I certainly was. It squishes out like dish soap so you can hold the poor cat with one hand and squirt her with the other as you laugh manically. ANYWAYS afterwards we had one extremely soft, pissy kitty. She didn’t feel oily or anything. Just fluffy!

my lazy baby

Other than that we have been enjoying the nice weather and sleeping alot (cause i’m sick. The cat is just spoiled. She needs to get a job like those other cats on instagram.)


I am working on getting the post back on a reasonable schedule. It might take another week but I am working on it! I hope you enjoyed.

Thank you For Reading!

Plant Pot Chronicles #1

My plants have finally sprouted! So I figured today woud be the perfect day to write this post. I’m also sick and bored out of my mind but let’s ignore that.


It started like this… 


and finally turned into this! Nice lush greeen sprouts. I wanted to add some life and subtle color to the room and window so I bought these. They come in a complete set at Target and cost only $3 each. The colors compliment each other and the room decor nicely.



Altogether I bought plant kits for basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and lavender. So far only the oregano and the thyme plant have sprouted but I think the basil plant is about to sprout too.

I’m really excited and hoping for all of them to sprout. They will smell so nice, help filter the air in the room, and add some much needed color.

I’ll update you when the next one sprouts and I really hope you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for REading!

Beauty Review | Essie


Finally I have a chance to sit down, relax, and babble about more things that I am loving. Some of you may know, if you saw my haul post, that I was on the hunt to buy a gray nail polish that had a nice balance of color for a few months before buying Power Clutch, and that A Cut Above was an impulsive buy that went perfectly with Power Clutch. It creates a great, light accent without overpowering the gray color. I also feel like the rose-colored glitter makes it perfectly spring appropriate.

Power Clutch – Used as Base Color


  • Nicely balanced so it looks gray on your nails and not blue or brown.
  • Doesn’t washout my skin tone.
  • Color applies nicely.


  • Tacky layer takes forever to go away butI also find this to be an minor issue with all of Essie’s Products.

A Cut Above – Clear coat with glitter; used as an accent.


  • Good balance between clear coat and glitter. I find only need to apply one coat for desired amount of glitter but is definitely buildable if you want a lot of glitter.


  • Same as Power Clutch with the tacky layer.



Overall I love the two colors both together and separate. Worth the waiting for them to dry. If I run out I would definitely consider rebuying and would recommend it to a friend. Makes me smile to wear it. I hope this post made you smile and…


Pastel Outfit Inspiration | Collaboration with AsAlwaysNicole

So awhile back Nicole and I decided that it would be cool to work together on a post for you guys. Her being the makeup genius and me being well obsessed with clothes… we decided that we wanted to put together Nicole’s makeup looks and my outfit inspirations to create a fun, pastel-themed collaboration.

So for my part I have put together 5 outfits that all center around pastel colors. The first one below is a t-shirt dress that is supposed to be tucked into the pastel green shorts. I added some textured with the glitter and and leather.
Flirty Tuck In
The next two are for the people who are still going through a colder spring out there. I paired long, t-shirt dresses with some warm sweaters for a really cute transitional outfit. When noon comes around and it starts to warm up, you can take off the sweater and just stuff it into your bag for later.
Little Bit of Sunny


Minty Rainy Day


For this next one I wanted to make a very breezy almost festival look. So I picked a vibrant coral dress and added some coverage with a light poncho that would still keep the movement of the dress. To add some form to the dress I picked out a nice belt to define your waist. Some breezy sandals and a statement purse makes the outfit look nice for casual occasion or a night out.
Breezy Coral


This is when I noticed that I was lacking an outfit that involved pants and put together a nude and mint palette with leather for texture. I fell in love with the necklace on site and decided to pair some rings together with it. I think it goes well with the collar of the jacket.
Mint Is Going Out


If you have followed me long enough you know that I love edgy, cute outfits. So when I became fed up with my cat attempting to step across my keyboard, I decided to create an sassy, cat-inspired outfit with this really cool pastel purple jacket. I absolutely adore the sunglasses.
A Beautiful Kitten Distraction


Now that you are done reading about the sets I have picked out, I highly recommend you go check out Nicole’s pastel makeup look and tutorial. This is her first tutorial and if you look around her blog you will see that she does amazing makeup swatching posts. She is also a huge into indie brands if you are curious about that.
Close up full face
I hope you really enjoyed and…

Coffee. Tea. Talk About Where You’ve Been.

Hello! I have been MIA for about a week now I think. I have been having a really hard time these last couple of days and wanted to confirm that I am still here! This blog has not been abandoned. I repeat this blog has not been abandoned.

Actually I have been working on the blog in little bits and pieces. Just not an actual post. For instance I have changed up the home page a little bit and I really like it so far. It gives it more purpose than just to sit there. I have also added my email to the contacts section of my blog for any of you who have questions or are just feeling bored.

I do have posts planned. One will be posted hopefully soon and the others will have to wait for the bad weather to clear up a bit.  Until then I will be tweaking my site, adjusting the small things, and I will be frequenting my social media. Particularly my instagram and twitter accounts if you are curious please find me! I’d love to see what you have posted!

It’s so hard to believe that there are over 160 followers here! Like holy cow! I’m so grateful. I’m thinking about doing a giveaway soon… What do you guys think? Do you think I should do a giveaway and from where? F21 maybe? Tell me down below in the comments what you think!

Thank you for reading!

My First Haul!

Hello! I am back with a haul that I have been working on for you guys. This is my first time trying so please let me know whatcha think in the comments down below! On to the show… 

First off is Bare Minerals Up Close & Beautiful. I actually bought this for only $20 at Ulta for their 21 Days of Beauty promotion. It includes their Prime Time Foundation Prime, Originial Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (I received Bisque in this box), Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, and two brushes  their Mini Full Brush and their Mini Concealer Brush.
Next is Anastasia’s Brow Whiz in Dark Brown. I’ve been tossing the idea of buying this for a few weeks now and am glad to get to try it.
Next is some Essie nail polish in the colors Power Clutch and A Cut Above. I’ve been wanting a really nice gray nail polish and I really liked Power Clutch. It’s not too dark but just right. A Cut Above was an impulsive buy that I really like so far.
I’ve heard a lot of blogger-hype about Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara so I gave in but I have really high expectations for this product so I’ll let you know if I really like it.
My friend Nicole suggested that I buy a purple stick so I went ahead and bought Maybelline’s Rebel Bloom lipstick in Lilac Flush. It a very vivid creamy lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips and I completely forgot it was on after awhile.
I have been wanting Amazing Grace’s whipped body creme forever it seems. It’s perfect that I was able to get it before summer, because the smell really reminds me of sun lotion and the beach. Worth every penny. *To be clear, it doesn’t smell like cheap, annoying-smelling sun lotion.
Last but not least I bought the Stila Soul palette. I have been wanting this ever since I discovered it off of my favorite blogger a while back. It is very rosy with a few great neutrals and it comes with 5 matte colors and 7 shimmer colors. As if I wasn’t complete obsessed with rosy tones, it comes in this tasteful gold and rose gold packaging that is great for just sticking in your purse on the go. If you can’t tell already, this is my favorite product from this whole haul. I mean come on it even comes with an inspiring quote…
 “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” – Saint Augustine
 And with that I am in love. I’m such a sucker for words. I really hoped you enjoy my haul, and please comment down below tell me what is your favorite and if you would like me to do another. If you like for me to do something else that is totally fine.

Coffee. Tea. Talk.

Hello everyone! I made a couple of changes to the blog and wanted to get some feedback. I also want to find out what posts you loved and what would you like to see more of.

Some of you know that I went through a huge change and renovated my site. I did this so I could expand the content but still keep it nice and tidy. What I want to know is if you find it easy to use? Do you run into any problems using the drop down menus or anything like that? Secondly do you feel more inclined to go to my site vs just using WP Reader to look at new posts?

I have also changed the way I publish posts. Instead of trying to post everyday, I am scheduling posts for certain days so that I can pack the most into my posts and increase the quality. Do you like the new way of posting? Picture quality? Shorter or longer posts? All of that stuff. I want to know. Be honest with me.

Finally I want to talk about content. What do you like to see? Lately I have been posting a lot of fashion related posts but I also like to write about books, animes, games, makeup, etc. Subscription boxes have been on mind and I have finally managed to grow out my nails so I’ve been thinking about some nail tutorials. I also have some thrift pieces that I thinking about sharing. What do you think? What’s something that you would love for me to write about next?

Like I said before I want to know what you think. Be honest with me. Sharpen those knives and aim where it hurts! Nothing good has ever come without a fight. So feel free to say whatever you think down below!

p.s. the youth berry tea from Starbucks is amazing and soo soothing.


 Thank you for reading!

Rainy Day Outfit Inspiration!

Hello everyone! I am back with some outfit ideas for the upcoming rain season that comes along with spring! Usually when I ask people about what they wear in the rain, they look at me like I’m some kind of stupid, and say, “rain jacket and rain boots?” In which I give them a snide comment about them wearing nothing but a rain jacket and rain boots, because a lot of people think that because it’s raining they can’t be happy with what they are wearing.
Well I am writing this post to give you some ideas and tips for dressing for rainy weather because I want you to be happy with what you are wearing even if it’s in the rain.
Different Kinds of Rain Boots
For starters don’t just go purchase an ugly pair of rain boots out of convenience! Go find a really cute pair and flaunt them! Rain boots maybe awkward and bulky, but if you pair them with the right choices you can make a super cute outfit. Also, if you can’t find a really cute pair of rain boots where you are, check up on Pinterest. They have hundreds of cute DIY tutorials to make just about any pair of rain boots look cute! Find one that you like and go for it!
Rainy Day Inspiration
As for rain jackets, I would say the same thing and invest in something you like. Rainy days can really be a downer but a rain jacket that you love could help make your day that much better. When you reach to get something you see your favorite rain jacket, when you pull your hood up you see the edges of the hood.. of your favorite rain jacket… see where I’m going here? It’s hard to ignore a rain jacket, especially one you love. 
And if the thought of wearing a classic rain jacket is too much of a horror story for you there are other options too. Like leather jackets, trench coats, and ponchos! If it doesn’t come with a hood, there’s always the cute umbrella option! Try to find one that is retractable and can fit in it’s own little bag so you don’t feel bad about bringing it inside or putting it in your purse.
Rainy Day And A Leather Jacket
My last tip of advise is to bring a water-resistant purse. That Vera Bradley purse is only going to be a good idea dry. I usually opt for a leather purse for their ability to repel water. Dark, mysterious, and functional. Of  course you could invest your money in a plastic transparent bag too. They look amazing in the rain but my issue with them is that everyone can see what you are carrying.
I hope this was helpful in making your not-so-sunny day a brighter one! Feel free to comment down below and tell me whatcha think! What do you love to wear in the rain?

Spring is Here!

Soon the warmer weather will be rolling in and the days will become longer! The internet will flood with pictures of cute baby animals of all kinds, and talk about spring break is sure to come. Rain season will start shortly afterwards followed by the flowers of course! This is the time of year for New Beginnings for many people as everything slowly comes back to life.
I decided to pull together spring appropriate ideas for activities, makeup, and outfits to help you make the most of your spring this year. Somethings you have to plan in advance, but other things you can go ahead and just wing it!
Spring Acitivities
Spring has come around and it’s finally warming up. You are itching to finally get out of the house. So what are you going to do? Here are my suggestions…
1. Grab a friend, jump in the car, and roll the windows down on your way to pick up milkshakes (or ice cream, that works too)! And sit outside, enjoy the sun, and some sweetness!
2. Go strawberry picking! Fresh strawberries for considerably cheaper than what you can find at the store. Strawberries are my all time favorite fruit so I try to go every year!
3. Start a garden! Mini-window sill gardens are easy to care for and add color to a bare window. They also freshen up the air and if you are lucky they can produce a yummy treat!
4. Attend a festival! All kinds of festivals will soon be popping up from music festivals, to food, movie, or even flower festivals! I can’t wait to go to my local tulip festival coming up soon!
5. When it really starts to warm up, you could even go hiking! If you love the natural beauty of the mountains, I recommend that you go just as the green starts to come back. It can be surreal to walk about as all the trees are just waking up from their winter naps.
6. If you are a nature lover, but don’t want to go to the mountains to see some beauty, you could go see the cherry blossoms bloom in DC.
7. Take a nap when it rains. I love to take naps when it rains. It just soo smoothing and relaxing!
8. Don’t forget to make wishes with the wild flowers!
Spring Makeup
For those of you who are looking into reviving your makeup and adding some color this spring… You could add a bright, floral color lipstick or a vibrant purple eye shadow. If you are really wanting to try something new, you could try colored mascara! I keep hearing about NYX colored mascara non-stop.
As for classics, you could go for a light pink almost nude lip and use sun-kissed bronzer or a nice rosy cheek.
Transitioning to Spring Clothes
As much as I love winter clothes I can’t help but want to finally shed the coat and those heavy snow boots once spring starts. For basics I love rompers, jumpers, and jumpsuits for spring. If you can find one with simple and uncomplicated straps, they are amazing and easy to wear even into late summer. Then for shoes, you could pair nude heels with light pinks and mints, or you could pair a knee high boot with your shorts for those days when it’s still a bit too chilly to go out completely bare legged. If you are like me and tend to have a go-to set of shoes around the house for errands, you can pick a breezy pair of toms or a nice set of flip flops.
Winter Transition to Spring
If your spring tends to be a bit colder, you could start the transition by layering sweaters over your dresses until it’s warmer. I usually carry a backpack around to stuff my sweater in when it really warms up,  and take it back out later when it becomes colder again.
For accessories I usually carry a backpack for festivals or long walking trips and a pair of sunglasses. I’m a huge fan of bug eyed sunglasses. It just kinda blows my mind how they seem to completely change the dimensions of my face. Cute, petite necklaces are also a nice addition too.
I really hope this helped to give you some ideas for your spring! I hope that you can make the best of it and…