Who Is Wasabi?

I am Wasabi! Among other things I am a Wanna-Be Photographer, Wondering Writer, an ‘ok’ Gamer, Cat Momma, and a Blogger.

Why do I blog? To make people smile… or at least to brighten their days a bit. I remember I used to watch youtubers (still do) and read blogs all the time because they made me laugh or smile. So blogging has become something that has helped me out a lot in staying positive and remembering the good things.

Things you can expect to see on my blog?Β Whatever I am particularly into usually. Could be book reviews, food posts or recipes, tid bits of game footage, fashion posts, or something completely random like sushi! Speaking of which…

Why the heck am I called Wasabi?Β Long story cut kinda short I love spicy food, as long as I can still taste the food, but my boyfriends crawls into the deepest hole he can find whenever I pull out a package of shin ramen. Same would go for me when I would go with him to the family’s sushi nights… I would sit at the far end of the table and eat all the sticky rice off my sushi. I had only eaten low-quality, nasty sushi from the convenient store before so I thought that sushi was pretty disgusting. Slowly I was introduced to high quality sushi with amazing texture… and then I tried Wasabi! It was soo good but I have to watch how much I put on each piece. Now I love sushi and wasabi has become a pet name given to me by the boyfriend to describe my hotheadedness.

So as I was contemplating what to call my blog my boyfriend barges into the room and screams,

“Whazzup Wasabi?!?!”

So this blog was born! Let’s eat sushi together or something!



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